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       Welcome to our website and thank for a visit. We are company which make our world nicer. We have generous experiences based on many years of teaching and creating ceramics. From hand building to wheel throwing, decorating to firing in a kill. We fill a gap in our market and started to organize a birthday party with ceramics and a workshop for companies and their employes.

     Many our customers are satisfied, we make every plans you dream on ,bowls, teapots many cups and much more. See products from ordering.

         We enjoy teaching, we want that our workshop to be a dream place for children. Children enjoy making small clay figures or solid objects. We show them how to poke needle or pin holes through the thick clay or drying and firing. See art made by children.

         We are teaching also in plenty of kindergarten, parent center and basic school. See offering for schools.

        We can fully accept a working day of our customers, so they can come very late or during the weekend. Working with clay is not a specialty reserved just for the fine artist, creative individual also need to do something. See art made by adults.

           You can also find our statue in some exhibitions.

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